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A-Frame Reflective Signs

Real estate A-frame signs are an affordable option to advertise any business. They?re versatile and lightweight solutions for your needs.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

A-frame reflective signs are versatile and professional marketing tools that feature a collapsible steel frame and a 24″x18″ coroplast display. They can be strategically placed on or near the street to grab the attention of passersby and effectively promote properties for sale or rent. These signs are also ideal for serving directional purposes, such as directing potential buyers to an open house event.

One of the main advantages of A-frame reflective signs is their portability and easy storage. They are lightweight and can be quickly set up and taken down, making them perfect for real estate agents who need to move from one property to another. Additionally, these signs are cost-effective and suitable for a variety of real estate-related events and listings.

Customization is key when it comes to real estate A-frame signs, just like with open house signs. You have complete freedom to personalize your sign with engaging text and graphics that will make it stand out and grab the attention of potential buyers or renters.

A-frame Open House Signs

A-frame open house signs are a popular type of yard signs that are commonly used to direct potential buyers towards a specific property. They offer several advantages, such as being lightweight, customizable in terms of shape and design, easy to install, and featuring vivid UV printing.

These signs are ideal for highlighting properties that are available for sale, lease or rent, and are crafted from fluted plastic material. A-frame open house signs come with different installation options, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your needs.

A-frame reflective Sale Signs

Informing people that your product is available for purchase is crucial for making a sale. A-frame real estate signs, such as sign posts used to indicate that a property is for sale, can be helpful in drawing attention to your business. You can utilize our sign design tool to create a distinctive sign or browse through our collection of templates and artwork if you need inspiration. Our resources can assist you in producing effective A-frame open house signs for real estate or other types of sales displays.

A-frame Sign Material and Printing

Real estate A-frame signs are constructed from coroplast, which is a 0.16″ thick corrugated plastic material. This material, along with durable steel frames, ensures that the sign can endure harsh weather conditions. Another robust and weather-resistant material for real estate announcements is PVC signs.

Our real estate A-frame sign displays come with double-sided printing options. You can choose to have the same graphics on both sides or display distinct visuals on each side. Additionally, our product, like our aluminum signs and other items, is printed with UV inks for long-lasting and high-quality printing.