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Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners Are Used For All Kinds Of Events. Portable And Easy To Mount, They?re Great Decorative And Promotional Solutions.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Fabric banners are a proven method to boost your brand’s visibility, and they possess several beneficial features. These products are designed with long-lasting inks, durable materials, and are easy to store, making them wrinkle-resistant and cost-effective. Our fabric banners are crafted from a crease-proof, triple-layered, woven fabric with low light reflection and made entirely of polyester, ensuring high-quality printing with excellent opacity due to the tightly-knit threads. These banners are a low-cost solution that is ideal for both commercial and personal use, with a lifespan of more than ten years if used indoors.

Our custom fabric banners are in high demand, as they are incredibly effective indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they are an essential component of display products such as pop-up displays, which come equipped with metal frames that are simple to set up on any level surface.

Custom Fabric Banners For Events

Custom fabric banners are a fantastic way to grab attention at company meetings or personal celebrations, as they have the ability to make a lasting impression on guests. Whether it’s an indoor gathering or an open-air party, fabric banners can be used to create a visually appealing and eye-catching display. Their versatility and ability to attract attention make them an ideal choice for any occasion.

Fabric Banners for Trade Shows

Fabric banner printing is an effective strategy to attract potential customers at trade shows. Business owners can utilize fabric banners to showcase their products and highlight their unique features. Adding a company logo to the fabric banner will enhance its overall impact and make it more memorable to visitors. A fabric logo is particularly advantageous, as it is easy on the eyes and can capture attention from a distance, making it a valuable tool for attracting customers and promoting brand recognition.

Fabric Banners for Festivals and Commercial Fairs

Custom fabric banners are a popular medium for various types of festivals, including county fairs, concerts, and community events. They have the ability to liven up any event, whether it’s held indoors or outdoors. Fabric banners are particularly effective at festivals because they can be printed with vivid colors and high-quality images, creating a lasting impression on attendees. Their versatility and durability make them an ideal choice for festivals, as they can be easily hung or displayed in a variety of settings, providing a visually stunning backdrop to any event.

Fabric Banners for Parades and Celebrations

Custom fabric banners are an excellent choice for any celebration, as they can be completely customized to suit the occasion. For example, outdoor fabric banners can be created to spread a message during parades, attracting attention and making a statement. A fabric birthday banner is a perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday, while a fabric wedding banner can be used to welcome guests or guide them to their seats. Themed Halloween banner fabric can also be used to elevate the atmosphere of neighborhood festivities, making them more engaging and memorable. Regardless of the event, custom fabric banners are an excellent way to turn heads and create a lasting impression.

Fabric Banners for Sports

Custom fabric banners are an essential tool for showing support for your favorite sports team, whether it’s to celebrate individual players or championships. Fabric banners can be customized with team colors, logos, and slogans to create a visually striking and impactful display. They can be hung in stadiums or arenas, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your support in front of thousands of spectators. Additionally, fabric banners can be used to advertise products, promoting your brand to a large and engaged audience. With their versatility and durability, custom fabric banners are an excellent way to show support and promote your brand at sporting events.

Common Uses Of Custom Fabric Banners

Fabric banner printing has a wide range of applications beyond events. Here are some ways to harness the full potential of fabric banners:

1. Trade shows and exhibitions: Use fabric banners to create an impressive and professional display at trade shows and exhibitions. This will help to attract potential customers and promote your brand.

2. Storefront advertising: Use fabric banners to promote your business or products outside your store. They are durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

3. Backdrops: Create a stunning backdrop for photoshoots or interviews using fabric banners. They are customizable and can be printed with high-quality images, making them a great choice for any occasion.

4. Home d?cor: Use fabric banners to add a personal touch to your home d?cor. Custom fabric banners can be printed with family photos or inspirational quotes, adding a unique and personal touch to any room.

5. Educational displays: Create educational displays for schools, libraries, or museums using fabric banners. They can be printed with informative text and images, making them a visually appealing and engaging way to learn.

6. Directional signage: Use fabric banners as directional signage in large buildings or events. They can be easily hung and are more durable than traditional paper signage.

In conclusion, fabric banner printing is a versatile and effective tool that can be used for a variety of applications beyond events. By harnessing their full potential, you can promote your brand, add a personal touch to your home d?cor, and create engaging educational displays, among other things.

Fabric Banner Installation Options

In summary, fabric banners can be mounted using different methods depending on your needs. The installation methods include:

1. Custom Fabric Banners with Grommets and Hems: This option is suitable for hanging fabric banners. The fabric banner comes with hemmed edges and metal grommets at each corner. Nylon ropes or hefty zip ties can be used to hang lightweight or large fabric banners outdoors. Bungee cords are also a convenient option for holding considerable weights.

2. Custom Fabric Banners with Pole Pockets: This option allows you to slide your fabric banner onto poles to provide stability and prevent wrinkles. You can choose from 2in or 3in pole pockets for your custom fabric banner depending on the diameter of the poles.

3. Custom Fabric Banners with Velcro: Velcro mounting allows you to install and remove custom fabric banners without damaging the wall. The fabric banner is adhered by double-sided tape, eliminating the need to hang the item from a construction. This option is economical and convenient, and can bear the weight of a large custom fabric banner on any flat surface.

By choosing the right mounting method for your fabric banner, you can ensure that it is securely and conveniently displayed for maximum impact.

Fabric Banner Material

A custom fabric banner is crafted from a smooth, 100% polyester fabric that offers remarkable durability and wrinkle-free properties. The fabric’s tightly woven threads ensure minimal light reflection, which enhances the visibility of high-contrast designs and text. This material is ideal for long-term indoor use and short-term outdoor use.