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Real Estate Frame Signs

Durable and easy-to-install graphics with a rust-proof frame and double-sided images on display. Perfect product for outdoor property listings.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Attract attention with our eye-catching real estate frame signs. These signs are among the most effective real estate advertising tools we offer for showcasing property listings.

Order these signs from Falcon Signs and enjoy shipping across Kenya.

Popular Applications For An Angle Iron Frame Sign

Our realtor graphics from Falcon Signs can serve a wide range of commercial purposes. Here are some of the common uses:

For Sale Real Estate Frame Signs – Use our captivating real estate frame signs to draw attention to your house or any other property that is for sale.

Open House Realtor Frame Signs – Maximize exposure for your property listings by using our graphics as open house signs.

Custom Real Estate Frame Signs – We offer personalized solutions for property announcements. You can explore our customizable templates to save time and get the best design for your needs.

Material, Size and Printing Options for Realtor Frame Signs

Falcon Signs’ realtor frame signs are built using a robust steel frame coated in black, with graphics printed on coroplast. This product features double-sided printing that can be cut into standard square or rectangle shapes. Like corrugated plastic signs, these signs are 0.16in thick and feature high-resolution, full-color graphics.

The stand measures 25.25in in width and 43in in height, making it compatible with 24inx18in graphics. It also has an additional frame below for holding a 24inx6in rider. If you want to display special information with extra visibility, take a look at our real estate rider signs.

Structure and Mounting of Real Estate Frame Signs

Falcon Signs’ realtor frame sign is an affordable marketing tool with a sleek and straightforward design. It consists of a steel frame and double-sided graphics on coroplast. Once you have the product, you can keep the stand and switch out the graphics as needed. You can use our user-friendly design tool to create your own designs.

Similar to real estate posts, this product is easy to install into soil. The stand’s pointed legs provide a secure installation. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our real estate frame sign installation guide.