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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are a novel asset for any major event or trade show. They?re tasteful, durable and easy-to-assemble.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Consider using tension fabric displays to make a strong impression at your upcoming trade show. Our displays utilize a sturdy metal frame to showcase eye-catching graphics, which are printed using high-quality dye-sublimation techniques. Explore the outstanding qualities of our tension fabric trade show displays below:

8.8 oz. Thick Material

Machine-Washable Fabric

Scratch-Resistant Faces

High-Quality Graphics

Double-Sided Printing

Discounted Rates on Bulk Orders of Tension Fabric Displays

Order from FalconSigns and we’ll deliver your customized tension fabric display to any location in Kenya. The price list provided below corresponds to the 8ft option. Additionally, we provide different products for similar events, such as large-scale pop-up displays that can be used as walls.

Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Incorporate various tension fabric trade show displays, such as tension fabric stands, to infuse a touch of elegance into your trade show booth. A tension fabric trade show display of exceptional quality is certain to catch attention with its vibrant, enduring illustrations.

Tension Fabric Displays For Business Events

No matter if you are attending an exhibition, conference, or expo, our personalized tension fabric displays are designed to enhance your brand’s image. We are always prepared to tailor remarkable booth displays that are certain to capture attention and spotlight your business.

Tension Fabric Displays for Celebrations

The tension fabric backdrop display creates an ideal background for various celebrations. The creative texts and images featured on this product make it perfect for capturing photographs at events such as birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions.

Tension Fabric Stands

Elevate any area with stunning graphics using contemporary tension fabric stands. These stands are composed of a durable aluminum frame and an 8.8 oz polyester face. The innovative design is perfect for promoting your brand message on a grand scale. The face material of our tension fabric stands is printed using dye-sublimation techniques, ensuring scratch-resistant and high-quality visuals.

Our fabric banner stands feature chic visuals that effortlessly slide over an interlocking tubular structure and zip up at the bottom, similar to retractable and fabric banners. Tension fabric stands are excellent for various settings, including trade shows, shopping malls, schools, offices, and more.

Setting Up Tension Fabric Banner Stands

The process of setting up a tension fabric banner stand is as effortless as assembling tabletop retractable banners. Simply put together the tubes of the aluminum hardware and slide the material over it, much like a pillowcase. Then, zip up the graphics firmly at the base of the fabric for a secure and seamless finish. You can find detailed instructions for setting up our fabric banner stand in our installation guide.

Sizes of Tension Fabric Stands

Our tension fabric stand product is available in two sizes: 36″x90″ and 48″x90″. For the 36″x90″ product, ensure that any text or images are within the 31″x84″ margin to achieve the best possible visuals. Your colors and backgrounds can be printed on a 38inx91in scale. Similarly, for the 48″x90″ product, the texts and images should stay within a margin of 43.5inx84in, while the background and colors can span all the way to 50.5inx91in. You can utilize our sign design tool and customizable sign templates to create distinctive and unique visuals.