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Reverse Printed Clear Acrylic

Durable, versatile and long-lasting, black transparent acrylic signs will add a classy and professional touch to all business industries.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Consider ordering black transparent acrylic signs for both decorative and promotional purposes. There are several benefits to using these signs, including:

1. Sophisticated look: Black transparent acrylic signs have a sleek and modern appearance that can elevate the aesthetic of any space. They give off an air of sophistication and professionalism that can help to enhance your brand’s image.

2. High durability: Acrylic is a highly durable material that is resistant to impacts, scratches, and fading. This means that your sign will look great for years to come, even with frequent use and exposure to the elements.

3. Semi-transparent finish: The semi-transparent finish of black acrylic signs allows light to pass through them, creating a subtle and attractive glow that can draw attention to your message.

4. Versatile applications: Black transparent acrylic signs can be used in a variety of applications, from promotional displays to decorative accents. They can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Consider using black transparent acrylic signs to promote your brand or add a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Installation Options For Black Transparent Acrylic Signs

Note: Please keep in mind that the recommended mounting option may vary depending on the size and weight of the black transparent acrylic sign.

For larger signs, we recommend using standoffs as they offer the most secure and stylish mounting option. For smaller signs, easel backs or command strips may be more appropriate. Suction cup and hook mounting options are ideal for temporary installations or when you want to avoid drilling holes in the surface.

Regardless of the mounting option you choose, our black transparent acrylic signs are versatile and can be used for a wide range of decorative and promotional purposes, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting.

Black Transparent Acrylic Signs by Shape

Our black transparent acrylic signs can be custom designed with a range of cutting options using our CNC routers, which offer precise and accurate results. The following cuts are available for your display:

– Square or rectangular: Choose this option for a product with 90 degree corners in a traditional shape.

– Rounded: This option is perfect for displays that will be frequently handled, as it features rounded edges for safety.

– Outline: Get a display that matches the exact shape of your design with this option.

– Overline: With this cut, your product will be in the shape of your design, but with a border to highlight its edges.

Black Transparent Acrylic Sign Printing

To ensure a high-quality visual appearance that will last for years, black transparent acrylic signs are printed using CMYK-based digital machines that apply UV inks directly onto the material. This process creates a single-sided printing surface that retains color brightness and saturation over time. Acrylic photo prints are a comparable product that also offers a high-quality visual display.