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Retractable Roll Ups

Effective Advertising Medium - Ideal For Event And Tradeshow Booth Promotions. Portable, Easy-To-Set Up, Fail-Safe Banners With Built-In Graphics

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Retractable Roll Ups are a versatile and effective means of promoting brands across various industries, and are known by various names including pull-up banners and roll-up banners. Typically, you can find pull-up banners near entrances of event venues, trade shows, storefronts, and other high-traffic areas where they can grab attention with their bright visuals and text. Retractable roll ups are easy to handle, assemble within minutes and are available in multiple sizes. They have a range of advantageous features including UV-cured rolls, lightweight materials, sturdy designs, and portable cases made of top-quality materials. Falcon Signs offers various types of single and double-sided retractable banners, each distinguished by their size and display features.

It’s not uncommon for people to confuse retractable roll ups with pop-up displays, which are much larger and typically used as backdrops, while retractable roll ups are free-standing items that can be pulled out of their portable frames and easily rolled back up. It’s also important to note that retractable roll ups differ from sandwich board signs, which are smaller and made of rigid materials.

We offer standard retractable roll ups in four different sizes, including 23inx62in, 24inx77in, 33inx77in and 47inx77in. These single-sided banners have one printed surface with a blank back, with fade-resistant HD graphics produced using UV-cured inks. The retractable banner stands are approximately 2 inches wider than the vinyl display face and feature stability legs to ensure that the product can stand upright in a vertical position.

For the 33inx77in single-sided retractable roll ups, we also offer a stylish black stand as an alternative to the standard silver metallic option. Additionally, we provide double-sided standard roll-up banners that are 33inx77in in size. These custom retractable roll ups come with a mounting structure and two roll-up faces, providing optimal exposure for your message. The printing covers the outward facing sides of the material, and the banners have a wider stand that allows them to remain upright without the need for stability legs.

You may choose to have the same design printed on both faces of your double-sided retractable banner, or showcase different illustrations on either side. Contact our specialists to get the retractable banner printing you desire.

Deluxe Retractable Roll Ups

Our deluxe retractable banners are available in a size of 33inx77in and offer all the benefits of a standard retractable banner with wider and more elegant aluminum hardware. These stands have a covered and rounded construction with a polished finish and trim, providing the retractable banners with a sleek and professional look. The roll-up banner retracts neatly into the stand and can be easily pulled out. The telescopic support rod allows for the adjustment of the size of the retractable banner display, making it easy to store it back into the stand.

In addition to the single-sided option, our deluxe retractable banner stand can also be double-sided, with two displays being pulled up from both sides. The double-sided version is available in the same size as the single-sided option and is perfect for promoting products in various business environments, such as shops or supermarkets to advertise new products or specials, or at corporate events to showcase your company’s message. Retractable banners are space-efficient and their displays effectively convey your message to your audience.

Premium Retractable Roll Ups

Premium retractable banners are a high-end option for roll-up banners that come in larger size options. These single-sided banners feature modern hardware with a unique design that can support more weight. Available in three sizes, 36inx88in, 48inx88in, and 60inx88in, the premium retractable banner stands are supported by two adjustable rods that allow for customized display height.

These pull-up banners are perfect as free-standing centerpieces that are guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone passing by. They can be set up at the entrance of a shop or in front of a main hall to effectively transmit any message with style and clarity. The vibrant graphics and sturdy construction of these premium retractable banners make them an irresistible marketing tool.

Retractable Roll Ups Printing and Materials

We pride ourselves on using high-quality printers with a UV curing system, which dries the inks during the printing process and makes our retractable banners resistant to ultraviolet light. Our frames are constructed from non-corrosive anodized aluminum, ensuring durability and stability. The face of our roll-up banners is made from a top-quality 0.02in thick vinyl roll, which comes in standard white and allows for full-color custom printing using genuine UV-cured inks. We offer both single-sided and double-sided retractable banners on our website, with the double-sided version available for standard and deluxe roll-up banners that measure 33inx77in.