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One-way Perforated Window Film

Use large, fade-proof and versatile see-through window adhesives to showcase vibrant advertisements without sacrificing your view or privacy.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Custom perforated window graphics are a popular choice for advertising, branding, and decoration. They provide a one-way view and privacy for the interior while displaying vibrant graphics from the outside. With a 70/30 ratio of opacity to perforation, our perforated window decals are ideal for large windows. They use UV-cured, fade-resistant inks and have a lifespan of over three years outdoors.

In addition to custom perforated window graphics, we also offer standard window decals in opaque and clear versions that can be shaped to fit your needs. For mobile advertising, perforated car window decals are an excellent option. Let us help you select the best see-through window decals to promote your message.

Perforated Window Decals for Advertising

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from branding opportunities presented by clear storefront windows, beauty salon doors, and stadium barriers. Custom perforated window graphics are an excellent way to showcase your company’s logo or services and attract the attention you desire. These see-through window decals are perfect for larger advertisements as they allow for vibrant content without blocking the view from the inside.

If you have a concept in mind, you can use our design tool to get creative and bring your vision to life. Our tool offers a range of features including templates, elements, text options, and the ability to re-style your personal photos, enabling you to design the perfect perforated window decal for your needs.

Decorative Perforated Window Graphics

Transform any smooth and transparent surface into an eye-catching display with our colorful self-adhering perforated window decals. These versatile decals are perfect for multi-purpose decoration, providing both privacy and customization options. Apply your design to a single large decal and cut it into smaller pieces to fit any area you desire. Arrange the custom perforated vinyl window decals in creative ways to add appealing visuals to the exterior while blocking the interior view from onlookers.

Looking for inspiration? Browse our collection of ready-made templates and find thousands of ideas to spark your creativity. Choose your favorite design and customize it to fit your needs with just a few clicks using our easy-to-use design tool.

Informative Perforated Window Decals

In addition to their popular application in advertising, see-through vinyl window graphics can also serve informational purposes. Institutions such as banks, hospitals, offices, and schools can use the medium to display updates and information in an attractive way. With the distinctive one-way vision feature, perforated window decals allow for vibrant content to be seen from one side while maintaining a clear view from the other. These custom perforated window decals are user-friendly and can be easily applied and removed without leaving any residue behind.

Materials and Printing for Perforated Window Decals

Custom perforated window graphics are crafted from sturdy vinyl rolls with small, evenly spaced holes spread throughout the material. These window signs are ideal for various advertising and decorative purposes due to their versatility and sturdiness. Our perforated window signs have a 70/30 opacity to perforation ratio. The front side of these signs is white to reflect sunlight, while the backside is black to enable the viewer to see through to the other side.

We utilize a UV-curing system to apply the graphics to the front face of the perforated vinyl window decals. This process uses ink that is dried by the UV-curing system, making the colors resistant to fading and ensuring that they retain their vibrancy for up to three years.

Perforated Window Graphics by Shape

It’s important to note that if you’re not comfortable with cutting the extra borders yourself, it’s always best to choose a slightly larger size for your perforated window decal and have a professional cut it for you to ensure the best fit possible.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that cut-out perforated window decals, which are the exact shape of your design with cut-outs, are only available for reflective vinyl lettering and are not an option for regular see-through window decals.

Applying Custom Perforated Window Decals

It’s important to note that when using the wet mounting technique, it’s essential to use a soapy water solution and not just plain water. The soap helps to lubricate the surface and allows for easy repositioning of the perforated window decal. Additionally, it’s important to squeeze out all of the excess water to prevent any water bubbles from forming between the decal and the surface, which can affect the overall appearance and adhesion of the decal.