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Feather Flags

Use trendy, unique and durable feather flags to attract the attention of passersby with vibrant colors and texts.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Feather flags, also known as feather banners or sail flags, are tall, narrow banners that are typically used for outdoor advertising and promotional purposes. They are designed to wave in the wind, which makes them eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Feather flags are commonly used at events such as trade shows, festivals, and outdoor sales, as well as in front of businesses and retail stores.

Here are some key features and specifications of feather flags:

1. Height: Feather flags typically range in height from 8 to 15 feet, although custom sizes are available. The height of the flag can affect its visibility and impact.

2. Shape: Feather flags are named for their distinctive feather-like shape. They are tall and narrow, with a curved or angled top that resembles a feather or sail.

3. Material: Feather flags are usually made from polyester or nylon material that is lightweight and durable. The material is designed to withstand wind and weather, and is often treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading from sun exposure.

4. Printing: Feather flags can be printed using a variety of techniques, including dye sublimation, screen printing, and digital printing. This allows for high-quality, full-color graphics and images to be printed directly onto the flag.

5. Base: Feather flags require a base to keep them upright and stable. The base may be a spike or stake that can be driven into the ground, or a weighted base that sits on the ground and holds the flag in place.

6. Accessories: Feather flags may come with accessories such as carrying bags, poles, and ground stakes. These accessories can make it easier to transport, set up, and secure the flag.

Overall, feather flags are a versatile and effective promotional tool that can help businesses and organizations attract attention and increase visibility at outdoor events and locations.

Uses Of Feather Flags

Feather banners, also known as feather flags or sail flags, are versatile promotional tools that can be used in a variety of settings and for different purposes. Here are some common uses for feather banners:

1. Outdoor events: Feather banners are often used at outdoor events such as festivals, trade shows, and sporting events. They can be used to mark event entrances, promote sponsors, or draw attention to specific vendors or booths.

2. Retail stores: Retail stores may use feather banners to promote sales or special events, or to draw attention to new products or services. They can be placed outside the store or in the store’s parking lot.

3. Car dealerships: Car dealerships often use feather banners to promote specific car models or sales events. They can be placed next to the car on the lot or along the roadside to attract passing drivers.

4. Restaurants: Restaurants may use feather banners to promote outdoor seating areas, special menu items, or happy hour specials. They can be placed outside the restaurant or on the sidewalk to attract passersby.

5. Real estate: Real estate agents may use feather banners to promote open houses or new listings. They can be placed in front of the property or at busy intersections to draw attention.

6. Non-profit organizations: Non-profit organizations may use feather banners to promote awareness for their cause, attract donations, or promote events. They can be placed at events or along busy streets to attract attention.

Overall, feather banners are a versatile and effective promotional tool that can help businesses and organizations attract attention and increase visibility in a variety of settings.

Material of Feather Flag Banners

Feather flag banners are typically made from lightweight and durable materials that are designed to withstand outdoor use. Here are some common materials used for feather flag banners:

1. Polyester: Polyester is a popular material for feather flags due to its durability and weather-resistant properties. It is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a good choice for outdoor events.

2. Nylon: Nylon is another lightweight and durable material commonly used for feather flags. It has good UV resistance and is water-resistant, making it a good choice for outdoor use.

3. Vinyl: Vinyl is a more heavy-duty material that is often used for larger feather flags or banners that will be exposed to more extreme weather conditions. It is durable, waterproof, and resistant to fading.

4. Mesh: Mesh is a lightweight material that is used for feather flags that will be exposed to windy conditions. The mesh material allows wind to pass through, reducing the risk of the flag getting damaged or knocked over.

Overall, the choice of material for feather flag banners will depend on the specific needs of the user and the intended use of the flag. Polyester and nylon are good choices for most outdoor events, while vinyl or mesh may be better suited for more extreme weather conditions or windy locations.