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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Single Print Perspex

Adhesive-free graphics, perfect for advertisement on glossy surfaces. Showcase your message through easily installed, repositioned and removable media.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

With our adhesive-free single print perspex, you can display your message on glossy surfaces like plexiglass without any glue residue. These perspex are easy to apply and remove without leaving any marks, making them perfect for showcasing vibrant graphics that can attract potential customers to your brand name, services, or working hours.

No Adhesives! Reusable Graphics

Single print perspex are a versatile medium that can be applied to glass as well as super smooth surfaces like glossy laminate, varnished metal, or shiny polypropylene. Unlike vinyl decals, they have no adhesive on the back. Instead, our vinyl clings stick to surfaces by forming a connection between molecular bonds and air pressure.

The material’s perspex properties make them easy to apply, remove, and reposition without losing grip or leaving residue. If you’re not satisfied with the placement of your graphics, simply reapply them. These vinyl clings are durable and can be reused multiple times.

Promotional Single Print Perspex

Vinyl clings are a perfect way to advertise on glossy surfaces, and are sure to draw attention to your retail store or business. These cost-effective graphics can showcase your seasonal offers or branding elements with full-color custom static clings. If you prefer a transparent background around your visuals to allow light in, choose a clear static cling. The great thing about vinyl clings is that you can easily remove and store them for future use, as many times as needed. Our design tool makes it easy to experiment with visuals and create your own static clings in just a few minutes.

Decorative Custom Perspex

Custom static clings are not only ideal for advertising purposes but also for adding a decorative touch to various indoor spaces. They can be used to transform the interior of your spa, salon, or conference center into a visually stunning environment. With our designer-made templates, you can easily create eye-catching visuals that will help you make a great first impression. Our tool will save you time and inspire you to create appealing designs for your custom Single print Perspex.

Informative Vinyl Perspex

Custom Single print Perspex are not limited to decorative or promotional purposes only. They can also be effectively used for informative purposes. With door clings for business, you can share important information about your company, such as your working schedule, event calendars, or directions. Choose clear Single print Perspex to allow light in while displaying letters in any font or color. These static clings are both practical and eye-catching, ensuring that your message is noticed and easily readable. Explore our designer-made templates or use our design tool to create your own custom Single print Perspex.

Static Clings Material

Our custom vinyl clings are graphics that are 7 mil thick, self-clinging, and leave no residue behind. They are available in rolls of white or clear vinyl and can be printed in any color.

Clear static clings are created using a transparent vinyl material. If you don’t want to completely cover the surface, this option allows your visuals to be displayed on a transparent background.

White static cling products are made of opaque vinyl rolls and are white by default, but can display images in any color. They are perfect for decorating or promoting your brand with door clings for your business.

Vinyl Clings Printing

Attract attention with our eye-catching graphics printed on custom vinyl clings. We use digital printing with high-resolution, full-color UV-cured inks to ensure high-quality results. You can choose from standard or second surface printing for your clear vinyl clings. Second surface printing is exclusively available for clear vinyl clings and enables you to display your graphics from the other side of the surface, also known as inside-glass printing. Standard printing is available for both clear and opaque vinyl clings and is a single-sided printing option.

Custom Clings Popular Sizes

Our Vinyl Clings come in a wide range of custom sizes to fit your specific needs. You can choose from sizes as small as 6”x6” or as large as 52″X850″. However, the most popular sizes for these products are 12inx6in, 12inx12in, and 12x18in. We can also provide you with a custom size if you require a specific measurement that is not available in our standard options.

Static Clings Cutting Options

We provide two options for cutting static cling graphics: square/rectangle or rounded cuts, with the latter being more resistant to wind exposure. However, please note that these graphics are not suitable for use on vehicles. For that purpose, we recommend checking out our car window decals or custom car magnets as an alternative.