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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Metal Signs

Yard signs are great for outdoor advertising and decoration. They?re easy to customize and can be installed in seconds.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Yard signs are a great way to promote your message or business right from your own property. They’re easy to set up and affordable, making them a popular choice for all kinds of occasions. Whether you want to promote a political campaign, advertise your services, or simply show support for a cause, custom yard signs are the perfect solution.

At Falcon Signs, we offer high-quality yard signs that are fade-resistant and long-lasting. Our lightweight yard signs are easy to install and will help you make a statement in no time. With our custom sign-making platform, you can create a yard sign in any design you can imagine. We deliver all across Kenya, so you can rest assured that your yard sign will be delivered right to your door.

Products Related to Custom Yard Signs

At Falcon Signs, we offer a variety of high-quality real estate signs for your business needs. Our signs are made of durable materials that can withstand any weather condition. We offer customizable real estate signs to suit your brand and messaging, including “For Sale” signs, “For Lease” signs, and “Open House” signs. Our products come with the following features:

Easy to set up


Double-sided printing

Customizable designs

Falcon Signs delivers across Kenya. Order your real estate signs today and make your properties stand out!

Metal party signs

Custom celebration yard signs are a great way to add a touch of personalization to any event or occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other special moment, our yard signs are the perfect way to show your enthusiasm and create a festive atmosphere.

Our happy birthday yard signs come in a variety of designs, from colorful and playful to elegant and sophisticated. You can customize the text to include the name and age of the birthday boy or girl, making it a truly personal celebration.

Graduation metal signs are a great way to celebrate the achievements of students at any level of education. Whether it’s a high school or college graduation, our yard signs can be customized with the name and school of the graduate, as well as their major or degree.

Anniversary yard signs are a beautiful way to commemorate a special milestone in a couple’s life. Whether it’s a first anniversary or a golden anniversary, our yard signs can be customized with the couple’s names and the number of years they’ve been together.

Personalized yard signs can be used to welcome guests to any occasion, from weddings to family reunions. You can customize the signs with the name of the event and the date, as well as any other information you want to include.

Holiday metal signs are a fun and festive way to decorate your lawn for any holiday or season. From Halloween to Christmas, our yard signs come in a variety of designs to suit any style and taste.

Order your custom celebration metal signs from Falcon Signs today and let us help you create a memorable and personalized event.

Business Advertising Metal Signs

Custom yard signs are also an excellent way to showcase your brand or business. With durable and fade-resistant materials, your metal signs will be a long-lasting advertisement for your company. They are perfect for promoting your services, products, or special offers.

Political campaigns often use yard signs as a cost-effective way to spread their message. Personalized metal signs can be designed with specific slogans or candidate names and placed in high traffic areas to maximize exposure.

Additionally, metal signs can be used for directional purposes, especially for events or outdoor activities. Create event wayfinding signs to help guide attendees to the right location.

At Falcon Signs, we offer a variety of customizable yard signs to fit your needs. Let us help you create personalized metal signs to make your message stand out.

Political and Protest Metal Signs

Political metal signs are a powerful way to raise awareness and promote your political campaign. Our personalized metal signs are perfect for displaying your message to a wider audience. At Falcon Signs, we offer a great selection of customizable yard signs for political campaigns in Kenya.

Whether you’re running for office or supporting a political candidate, our political metal signs can help you spread your message. You can create your own metal sign in seconds with our easy-to-use design tool. Choose from our premade layouts or create your own custom metal sign design to stand out from the crowd.

Metal Sign Material

Corrugated plastic, also known as coroplast, is a versatile material for custom metal signs printing. It is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Coroplast signs are made of two layers of plastic sheets, which are then joined by a ribbed plastic flute. The flute adds strength and durability to the sign while keeping it lightweight. Coroplast signs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can easily create eye-catching designs that suit your specific needs. They’re also easy to install and remove, making them perfect for temporary promotions or advertisements.