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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Colored Acrylic Signs

Elegant and durable displays with a gold mirror finish are ready to brighten up any event with a delicate glow.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Looking for elegant displays to add a touch of class to your wedding ceremony? A colored acrylic sign with a mirror finish is the most decorative of the acrylic signs and ideal for festive occasions.

Shapes Of Colored Acrylic Signs

Our colored displays are available in custom sizes and can be cut in these shapes:

Square / rectangle – 90degree angles with sharp corners

Rounded – 90degree angles with rounded corners

Outline – exact shape of your design

Overline – shape of your design with a border around it

Material And Printing Of Gold Acrylic Signs

Acrylic photo prints are a different product and cannot be considered an alternative to gold mirror acrylic signs. Acrylic photo prints are high-quality prints directly applied to the surface of clear acrylic, creating a unique and modern look. On the other hand, gold mirror acrylic signs have a reflective and metallic finish, giving them a more luxurious appearance.