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Frosted Window Films

Durable and classy frosted decals are designed to offer privacy as well as add elegance to any glass surface.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Enhance the aesthetic of your environment by using frosted window decals that are both stylish and provide privacy. These custom decals offer a sandblasted appearance and are made from durable material. The decals provide two-way privacy while allowing some translucence, making them an ideal solution for both commercial and residential spaces. The UV-cured graphics ensure vibrant colors and sharp details. The frosted decals are also easy to apply. You can design and order the frosted glass decals in any shape and size to fit your needs, and we’ll ship them anywhere in Kenya.

Uses For Frosted Glass Films

If you’re looking to add privacy and style to your glass doors and windows, custom frosted window decals are a great option. These decals are made of durable material and offer a sandblasted effect, two-way privacy, and translucence. The graphics are UV-cured, ensuring that they will last for a long time.

Our frosted glass decals are easy to apply, and we offer bespoke shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Frosted Window Film For Business

Custom frosted window decals are an elegant way to add tasteful touch-ups to your storefront and attract more customers. You can personalize your etched glass vinyl decals with your company’s logo or business information, or create a unique look using our design tool. With various sizes and shapes available, you can choose the perfect background colors, texts, icons, and other add-ons to perfect your frosted glass decal design.

Decorative Frosted Window Films

You can easily add a sophisticated touch to your space with our custom frosted decals for glass. We can create etched glass decals in any shape you want, giving your graphics a unique and classy look. These frosted window decals can be applied to glass doors and windows to instantly transform your space. If you’re in need of inspiration, we offer a variety of designer-made templates to choose from. Simply select your favorite and customize it to fit your preferences. Don’t forget to combine your frosted window decals with other decorative items like acrylic signs for a complete makeover.

Etched Glass Films for Privacy

Frosted window decals are a great option for businesses that need privacy but still want to let natural light in. They are also a stylish and modern way to add some visual interest to any space.

Material and Printing of Frosted Window Films

Frosted window decals, also known as etched glass decals, are made of a 4.7 mil thick and durable adhesive material. They have a semi-translucent surface with a sandblasted effect, which gives them a professional appearance. These custom frosted glass decals allow light to pass through while also providing privacy by blurring the view from both sides.

Our UV-curing system prints vibrant and long-lasting graphics with a matte finish on these custom etched glass decals. They can be used indoors or outdoors and have a lifespan of three to five years. These frosted window decals are easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind.

Shapes of Custom Frosted Window Films

Our company produces custom frosted window decals that come in various shapes, including square/rectangle with pointed 90degree corners, rounded corners, outline, overline, and reverse cut. The outline shape is tailored to your graphics, while the overline shape is customized with a border. The reverse cut design features square or rectangular frosted glass decals with cut-outs of your designs.