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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Shop Banners (PVC)

Versatile, lightweight and long-lasting vinyl displays providing bold content. Ready to be used for different events and occasions.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Shop banners are made of a lightweight and durable material that is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The material is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our Shop banners are printed using UV-cured inks that ensure long-lasting, vibrant graphics that won’t fade or peel.

In addition, our Shop banners are tear-resistant, making them a great choice for events where there might be a lot of foot traffic or inclement weather. They’re also easy to install and can be hung using grommets, pole pockets, or adhesive hangers.

We offer a wide range of sizes for our Shop banners, from small sizes like 12″x12″ to large sizes like 115″x1680″. We also have standard sizes like 24inx36in, 36inx54in, 48″x72″ and 60inx90in. If you need a custom size, we can accommodate that as well.

Shop banners are versatile and can be used for various events and occasions. Here are some examples:

– Shop banners for trade shows and conventions: These banners can be used to promote your business or display your products and services. You can choose from a variety of sizes and materials to suit your needs.

– Shop banners for weddings: Personalize your wedding with custom Shop banners. You can print your names, wedding date, and other details on the banner to make your special day even more memorable.

– Shop banners for storefronts: Promote your business with Shop banners that display your logo, products, or services. These banners can be hung inside or outside your store, attracting customers and increasing foot traffic.

– Shop banners for community events: Custom Shop banners can be used to promote community events such as fairs, festivals, and fundraisers. You can print the date, time, location, and other details on the banner to generate interest and attendance.

– Shop banners for holidays: Decorate your home or business for holidays with custom Shop banners. You can choose from a variety of designs and templates to suit the occasion, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or Independence Day.

Whatever the occasion, custom Shop banners can be a great way to promote your business or make a statement. With high-quality printing and durable materials, these banners can last for years and make a lasting impression.

Shop Banner Printing and Materials

Custom Shop banners are a great choice for businesses looking for versatile and lightweight signage solutions. These banners are typically made from a 13 mil thick soft PVC layer that is white on both sides. Despite their light weight, custom Shop banners can display large graphics with vibrant colors, thanks to UV-curing machines used in production.

Custom Shop banners are durable and can withstand outdoor use. They are waterproof and abrasion-resistant, making them ideal for long-term use in various weather conditions. Customers can choose from flush-cut or hemmed finishing options for their custom Shop banners. Hemmed edges help strengthen the corners of the banner, making it more resistant to wind damage. Proper cleaning and care can extend the life of Shop banners up to five years.