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020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Self Adhesive Boards

Self adhesive foam boards are super easy to install. Low-cost and versatile, they add a professional touch to any business.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Falcon Signs offers self-adhesive boards that are perfect for displaying your artwork. These foam panels have a variety of applications, from informative to promotional, and are both lightweight and cost-effective. The printing quality is excellent, making it suitable for all types of venues. Installing foam board prints is super-easy and hassle-free.

Our self-adhesive boards share many benefits with Corex printing, including durability, low weight, cost-effectiveness, easy installation, and high-quality printing.

Material And Printing Of Self Adhesive Boards

Our self-adhesive boards feature a clay-coated paper front face and an adhesive back surface, which allows for easy application onto various surfaces. This product is ideal for short to mid-term indoor usage, and comes in white with a thickness of 3/16″, which is perfect for medium-sized displays.

Similar to our acrylic signs, the printing process for our self-adhesive boards utilizes UV-inks, which ensures high-quality and long-lasting printing results. Please note that only one side of the board can be printed due to the self-stick mounting feature, which means that the second side cannot display any graphics.

Sizes and Shapes of Self Adhesive Boards

Our self-adhesive boards are available in sizes ranging from 4inx4in to 48inx96in. While the most commonly requested sizes are 24inx36in, 36inx48in, or 16inx20in, we can create custom sizes within the range we offer.

We offer four shape options for cutting our self-adhesive boards:

– Square/rectangle: features 90degree angles with sharp corners

– Rounded: features 90degree angles with rounded corners

– Outline: cut to the exact shape of your design

– Overline: cut to the shape of your design with a thin border surrounding it.