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As industry leaders, we have the expertise and proficiency to create bespoke products that are tailor-made to your specific requirements.

020 24 003 40/50/60 - 0722 56 51 11


Telescopic Banners

Portable, lightweight and adjustable backdrops are there to serve your business or personal needs with large and high-quality images.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Step And Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners, also known as telescopic banners, are exceptional marketing tools that display vibrant HD images. They’re a common sight at various spectator events, including trade expos, release parties, and public festivities. Our step and repeat backdrops boast a polyester face and aluminum construction, making them easy to assemble and arrange. Here are some of their top features:

– Wrinkle-resistant fabric

– Adjustable metal frame

– Lightweight and portable

– Easy assembly

– Dye-sublimation inks for high-quality printing

– Versatile applications

Similar to pop-up displays, step and repeat banners are large tools perfect for highlighting any message. They feature striking illustrations that capture attention, making them a favorite at large venues, conferences, and marketing events. You can create and order a custom step and repeat banner that suits your style using our custom sign-making platform. We ship to anywhere in Kenya.

Custom step and repeat backdrops are versatile marketing tools that can be used for various occasions. Here are some examples of how they can be used:

1. Red Carpet Events: Step and repeat banners are a classic sight at red carpet events, providing a perfect backdrop for celebrity photo ops.

2. Weddings: Personalized step and repeat backdrops can add a touch of elegance to your wedding decor, making your special day even more memorable.

3. Trade Shows: Step and repeat banners are an excellent way to showcase your brand at trade shows and exhibitions, drawing attention to your products and services.

4. Corporate Events: Custom backdrops can be used to display your company’s logo and branding at corporate events, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

5. Product Launches: Use step and repeat banners to promote new products and services at launch events, creating a buzz and generating excitement.

6. Fundraisers and Galas: Custom backdrops can be used to display sponsor logos at fundraising events and galas, adding a touch of professionalism to the occasion.

7. Music Concerts and Festivals: Step and repeat banners can be used as a backdrop for musicians and performers, adding to the ambiance and enhancing the visual experience for attendees.

Custom step and repeat backdrops are a versatile marketing tool that can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Order Step and Repeat Banner With Us

“Create your step and repeat the banner using our design platform. Start by selecting a step and repeat with stand from the product list, and then choose your backgrounds, icons, texts, and illustrations. You can also upload your own visual files to create a unique step and repeat photo backdrop.

If you need some design inspiration, check out our collection of professionally-made templates. You can customize them to fit your needs by changing the texts, icons, and more. With a custom step and repeat banner that reflects your brand, you’re sure to turn heads.

When you’re finished designing your step and repeat banner, simply proceed to checkout and get ready to impress your audience.”