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Perspex Signs

Lightweight, durable and elegant acrylic signs for both promotional and decorative purposes with outdoor and indoor usages.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Perspex office signs are a great way to enhance your business branding and add a touch of elegance to your workspace. Here are some of the top benefits of our perspex signs:

1. Lightweight: perspex signs are lighter than glass, making them easy to install and move around.

2. Versatile: perspex signs can be used for a wide range of applications, from indoor office signage to outdoor advertising.

3. Durable: Our perspex signs are made from heavy-duty materials, which means they can withstand wear and tear over time.

4. Weather-resistant: perspex signs are resistant to weather, including rain, snow, and sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor use.

5. UV-cured graphics: We use UV-cured graphics on our acrylic signs, which means they won’t fade over time and will retain their vibrant colors.

In addition to perspex office signs, we also offer acrylic photo prints, which are perfect for creating stunning home galleries or professional exhibits. The glossy and contemporary finish of acrylic prints will make your artwork stand out with style.

Material Options for Custom Perspex Signs

Our custom perspex signs are constructed from high-quality plexiglass, a durable material that is both lightweight and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. We offer six popular types of plexiglass to choose from, including clear, white, black, frosted, black transparent, and gold.

Clear perspex signs offer ideal transparency and vibrant graphics, and the second surface printing keeps the front glossy while protecting the images. White perspex signs have an opaque white finish that showcases high contrast printing, adding a captivating touch to any space. Black perspex signs have a tinted black color but can be printed with any color for a classy look, making them a distinguished display for branding and decor.

Frosted perspex signs have a sandblasted effect that obscures visibility while allowing light to pass through, making them ideal for creating exquisite barriers and displays. Black transparent acrylic signs are perfect for branding or decorating any event with their semi-transparent black sheen and decorative appeal. Finally, gold perspex signs add a touch of glam to any special occasion, featuring an elegant gold coloring and reflective surface.

Perspex Business Signs

Perspex logo signs are a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your company and promote your brand. With six different styles of plexiglass to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your needs. perspex is a lightweight, durable and versatile material that is easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your storefront, office, or trade show booth, perspex signs for business are a long-lasting display solution that will help you attract customers for years to come.

Perspex Name Plates

Plexiglass can add a touch of sophistication and class to various settings such as business centers, educational institutions, and corporate offices. Having sturdy and polished name plates is an essential element for desks, doors, and other surfaces in your workspace. You can order small acrylic name plates that feature the names of your colleagues or employees. These products can be placed on tables using free-standing accessories or hung on doors and walls near the entrance for easy identification.

Wayfinding Perspex Display Signs

Perspex display signs made of plexiglass are a popular choice for creating directional displays. Their lightweight nature and easy installation make them ideal for guiding guests and visitors to their desired destination. These signs can be customized in any size or shape and placed in any location. Additionally, acrylic business signs are weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use during any season. Whether it’s hot summer days or rainy and snowy weather, these signs will maintain their quality and durability.

Perspex Menu Signs

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to revamp your menu, consider using custom acrylic signs to showcase your mouth-watering dishes. We offer a variety of plexiglass options including opaque, transparent, and mirror-effect finishes to help elevate your menu’s aesthetic. Use our design tool to create your menu by adding text, icons, backgrounds, and more. Our plexiglass signs can be fixed to the wall with stand-offs or displayed on tables with easel-backs, giving you a versatile and stylish way to present your food options.

Advertising Perspex Sign Boards

Acrylic display signs are a great choice for promotional campaigns due to their durability and stylish appearance. They can be easily customized to fit your promotion, with a variety of shape options and graphics that can be modified to match your brand. Available in a range of sizes, from small to large, and with accessories to suit any installation space, perspex signs can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Choose from transparent, opaque or reflective styles to attract customers and boost your promotional efforts.

Decorative Plexiglass Signs

Custom perspex signs are an excellent way to add a touch of artistry and sophistication to any office or home. With a range of finishes such as frosted, glossy, and mirror and matte printing options, the signs will seamlessly blend in with your interior d?cor. Choose from square or round-shaped perspex wall signs, available with vivid graphics, or create a display cut in the outline of your graphics. Our collection of ready-made templates is also available to give you inspiration for your graphics.

Custom Perspex Signs

Aside from being versatile and durable, plexiglass is often used to add an elegant touch to any space. At Falcon Signs, our products can be fully personalized to meet your needs, whether you require acrylic name plates for your business or decorative pieces for a gallery. Choose from square, rectangle or round cuts, or match the shape of the plaque to the outline of your graphics.

If you’re wondering how to create custom perspex signs, simply visit our easy-to-use design platform, where you can select from our available samples or upload your own files for your displays. Customize your products by choosing unique shapes, elements, texts, and backgrounds. If you need assistance with your project, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists.

Main Features Of Perspex Signs

If you’re considering buying a plexiglass product, it’s important to understand its features and variations so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. These products offer excellent image protection and a long lifespan, particularly when used indoors. When used outside, they are highly resistant to direct sunlight, thanks to our UV inks.

In addition, plexiglass provides exceptional clarity and strength, and it can be transparent, opaque, or reflective. The material is resistant to impact and moisture, and it weighs only half as much as glass but is 17 times stronger. Plexiglass displays also allow for 92% light transmission and are more durable and shatter-resistant than glass. They are available in two thicknesses: 1/4″ and ?”.

Perspex Sign Printing

Our state-of-the-art digital machines utilize CMYK-based ink to print graphics onto the plexiglass material, which are then dried using a UV-curing system. This process ensures that the graphics are resistant to sunlight and that the colors remain vibrant and the textures remain intact for an extended period of time.

There are different printing options available for plexiglass products, each with its unique features. For instance, the standard method involves direct copying of graphics onto the material, giving it a matte finish that works well for opaque pieces.

The second-surface method uses mirror printing to maintain the glossy surface of transparent acrylic signs. The graphics are applied to the back side and are visible from the front, although this method is only available for clear acrylic material.

Single-sided printing applies the image to one side of clear, opaque, gold, or frosted plaques, leaving the printed area with a matte finish.

Double-sided printing is only available for black opaque plexiglass, allowing for optimal exposure for hanging or free-standing signs with graphics on both sides.

Custom Perspex Signs by Shape

Our custom perspex signs can be cut into various shapes using our high-quality CNC laser cutting machines, ensuring perfectly cut edges. Here are the shape options available:

Square/Rectangle: Choose this option to get your plexiglass cut in a square or rectangular form with pointed 90-degree corners.

Rounded: Opt for this option to get your product cut in a square or rectangular form with rounded corners for safety and a sleeker appearance.

Outline: This cutting option will shape your display into the exact outline of your design, regardless of its intricacy.

Overline: These custom perspex signs are cut in the outline of your visuals, with an additional border going around them.

Mounting Options for Perspex Signs

Falcon Signs offers a variety of installation options to suit your needs when it comes to setting up your custom acrylic signs. You can choose from several accessories to make the installation process easier and more convenient for you.

For mounting with standoffs, we recommend selecting the pre-drilled holes option to ensure a secure and classy look for your display. The number of holes and bolts should match to prevent any damage to the product.

Command strips are another mounting accessory option that leave no visible trace of hardware when displayed, making them perfect for a clean and sleek look.

If you want a free-standing look for your frames, easel backs are a great option for displaying your custom acrylic signs on tables, countertops, mantels, and other flat surfaces.

For acrylic door signs, a suction cup and hook can be used to attach them to glass surfaces. These prints can be double-sided and can feature information such as working hours to provide information to customers.