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Wood Prints

Highly durable plywood product suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Get yours in custom shapes, sizes and styles.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Wood prints offer a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or office. With wood photo prints, you can create stunning representations of your favorite art pieces, photographs, or sayings.

Our natural wood prints have a unique organic appearance that adds a touch of rustic charm to any setting. Available in various shapes, our wooden signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Personalized wood prints make a great addition to any interior decor, providing a chic and eco-friendly alternative to traditional acrylic prints.

Wood Photo Prints For Different Applications

Wood prints can serve as beautiful decorative pieces in various settings. Our sturdy wood photo prints are an eco-friendly alternative to foam board prints and offer a warm and inviting feel compared to metal photo prints or custom aluminum signs. Read on to discover the two primary uses of our wood print product.

Our wood photo prints are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the decor of your home or office. A family photo on a wooden print will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room, while adding a touch of rustic charm. Our high-quality wooden prints can be combined with acrylic signs for a beautiful contrast.

In the office, our wood prints make excellent decor elements, whether they are used as a centerpiece on a wall or displayed on a shelf. The full-color UV printing ensures that your wood photo print will retain its vivid colors for a long time. A custom wood print is an excellent way to add character to a professional setting and make a stylish statement.

Print On Wood By Different Themes

Wood prints are a stunning addition to any interior design scheme, providing an elegant medium to display everything from family photos to scenic landscapes.

Display any quote or message you like with a text print on wood. Custom wood prints featuring text make for a dynamic accessory, perfect for wall art or porch decor. Our exquisite wood photo prints are sure to make a statement and spark conversation no matter where they are placed.

Bring life to any space by featuring art on a wooden print. Our use of UV inks with a matte finish for printing photos on wood ensures that the illustrations retain their vivid colors, creating long-lasting visuals on your wood print. Add a touch of creativity to your home with wood photo prints, and create a personal gallery by printing your favorite masterpieces on wood.

Elevate your home or office decor with a photo collage made fashionable by custom wood prints. Custom wood printing adds a special effect to regular pictures, transforming them into breathtaking decor items. Wood photo prints make excellent decor and gifts for photography enthusiasts. Print photos on wood and create a refined exhibit in any setting.

Personalize your wood prints to suit your vision. Use our sign design tool to create a photo print on wood in any style imaginable. Simply upload your favorite images to our platform to get a wood print of your choice. For original pictures on wood, try our designer-made sign templates with customizable elements, and get the desired illustrations for your wood prints in just a few minutes.

Material and Printing for Wooden Prints

Our wood prints are constructed from plywood, a durable and dense material made of multiple cross-bonded plies. The plywood panels are coated with a layer of white paint, which ensures high-quality color printing on wood. We use UV-cured inks with a matte finish that accentuate the contrast and extend the life of your wood prints. Please note that our wood prints come with single-sided printing only, and their edges showcase a natural wood finish.

Printing your favorite photos on wood is an excellent way to create long-lasting and stylish decor for your home or office. With proper care, our wood photo prints can last over 7 years indoors. Unlike paper poster printing, custom wood printing is also suitable for outdoor use, and the longevity of your wood print will depend on weather conditions.

Mounting Options for Wooden Prints

Our wood prints are made of rigid plywood, measuring 0.5 inches in thickness, with multiple plied layers pressed together to provide durability. The available sizes for printing on wood range from 6×6 to 48×96 inches, allowing for customization to fit your requirements.

To further personalize your wooden photo print, we offer different cutting options. The standard option features square or rectangular shapes with 90-degree corners, resulting in a bold and classic wood print. Alternatively, the rounded cut option gives a softer look with subtle round corners. For a custom outline, you can choose the outline cut method, which provides precise cutting to match your design. Finally, with the overline cut option, your wood photo print will have the outline shape of your design with a thin border, emphasizing your text and visuals.

Wooden print installation options are available to suit various preferences. To add a touch of elegance to your wooden photo prints, select the gold or silver standoffs option, which is available with pre-drilled holes. You can also choose the easel back option if you plan to display small wooden prints on shelves or other flat surfaces.

Alternatively, if you prefer to suspend your wooden prints, you can use zip ties. By sliding the ties through the drilled holes, you can tighten the wood photo print onto the installation area. For a seamless installation, the command strips option is available, which allows you to mount your print on wood without visible hardware, eliminating the need for holes in walls.