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Real Estate Riders

Small and handy real estate rider signs suitable for different realtor displays. Easy-to-install, they?re available in two printing options.

Custom Size:


Ksh 5,000

Real estate riders are small signs that are attached to the top or bottom of a larger sign, such as a real estate post or a yard sign, to provide additional information or emphasis on a specific aspect of the property being advertised. They are typically made of the same materials as the larger signs and can be customized with a variety of designs and printing options.

Real estate riders are commonly used to highlight features such as price reductions, special financing options, open house dates, and contact information for the agent or agency. They can also be used to indicate the status of the property, such as “under contract” or “sold.”

The size of real estate riders can vary depending on the size of the main sign, but they are typically smaller and more compact. They can be easily attached to the main sign using bolts, clips, or other mounting hardware.

Types Of Real Estate Riders

There are many types of real estate riders that can be customized and used to enhance the marketing of a property. Here are a few common types of real estate riders:

1. Open House Riders – These riders typically include the date and time of an upcoming open house event, encouraging potential buyers to come and view the property.

2. Sold Riders – These riders are used to indicate that the property has been sold and are typically attached to the main sign after a sale has been completed.

3. Price Reduction Riders – These riders can be used to highlight a price reduction or other pricing information related to the property.

4. Coming Soon Riders – These riders are used to generate interest and buzz around a property that is about to become available on the market.

5. Directional Riders – These riders can be used to provide directional information to guide potential buyers to the property or to direct them to an open house event.

6. Custom Riders – Custom riders can be created to include any specific information or branding related to the property or the real estate agency.

Real estate riders can be made from a variety of materials, such as corrugated plastic, metal, or vinyl, and can be printed using a range of techniques, including digital printing and screen printing.

Real Estate Rider Sizes

Real estate riders come in different sizes depending on their purpose and placement. Some of the common sizes for real estate riders are:

– 6″ x 24″

– 6″ x 30″

– 6″ x 36″

– 6″ x 48″

These sizes are designed to fit standard sign frames and to be easily visible from a distance. The size of the rider will depend on the size of the sign frame and the amount of information that needs to be displayed. It is important to choose the appropriate size to ensure that the rider is legible and eye-catching.